Recovery of debts

Only consequence and determination lead to satisfying any claims. If the obligee, believing the debtor’s goodwill, stops half their way and they do not take any vindicatory action, they will never recover their money. Cooperation with a professional partner multiply their chance.

The Vindicatory Office at The Legal Advisor Office LEGARTIS hears vindicatory cases that consist of three stages:

  1. Arbitration Procedure
    The goal is to negotiate agreement on the time limit or date of satisfying our clients’ claim. This method is very important in case of stale claims or prescribed debts. Concluding a written compromise stops termination of actions and the claim can be asserted. Also when the obligee does not want to withdraw their business contacts, this way has got some advantages. On one hand they are given a visible signal we are determined, and on the other hand contacts stay proper that gives opportunity to cooperate in future. Moreover the information collected during arbitration procedure can help in further stages of vindication.
  2. Legal Proceedings
    At this stage LEGARTIS represents clients during injunctions, caution, legal /during trials/, bankruptcy and reorganization/composition proceedings. Legal proceedings ends with obtaining the executory/enforcement formula.
  3. Execution Proceedings
    LEGARTIS helps court executive officers. We collect information about the debtor’s possessions using both official registers /land, vehicle, etc./ and our own sources. LEGARTIS informs the executive bodies and controls the execution proceedings /e.g. supervising the debtor’s possessions/.